West Texas ASCS 305 Sprints

Track Profile


  • 685 Chapell Drive
  • Monett, MO 65708

Quick Info

Size3/8 Mile
BankingSemi Banked

Track Bio

The Grand Ol' Lady

The Monett Motor Speedway, also known as “The Grand Ol’ Lady”, is said to be the oldest running dirt track in the state of Missouri. The 3/8 mile track with 11 degree banking opened in 1970 and has been running every season since.

Each week fans fill the grandstands to support local racers and cheer on their favorite! Championship points series racing features Late Models, B-Mods, Midwest Mods, Legends, and Pure Stocks. Join us for each event as the drivers compete while having some fun in the dirt!

Check the schedule for race dates and times as well as admission prices. Don’t forget to follow Monett Motor Speedway on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from the track including rain outs and schedule updates.