West Texas ASCS 305 Sprints

Track Profile


We are now using Westhold Transponders (the yellow ones) in every class. You may rent a transponder from the track for $15 per week. The transponder must be returned at the end of each race night in order ofr you to be paid. If you have your own, please have it with you when you check in so we may get the information off of it.

Track Forms

All drivers competing at Creek County Speedway must fill out a driver registration form and a W9 for each calendar year. You will not be allowed to sign in until these forms are completed!

Track & Class Rules

Please read and understand your class rules. These rules are in place to provide and fair and fun place to race. Please note whether it is stated in your rules or not, you must run mufflers. Please see the track rules for more details. All rulings are final per the judgment of the Promoter

Insurance Option

It is highly recommended that everyone who competes at Creek County Speedway purchase insurance through STIDA. You can never have enough coverage should an accident occur. You can fill out and send the form, or apply at http://stida.com/application/

Creek County Speedway Weekly Payout